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First bait and set your Ztrap. Then place the Zcap into the top of the Ztrap. The Zcap covers the end of your Ztrap which keeps mice and other small animals from stealing the bait. Raccoons are smart and will quickly figure out how to remove the cap. They will then reach for the bait and be caught!

The Zcap also lets you pre-bait your Ztraps. After placing bait in bottom of trap, compress spring loop wire and put Zcap into end of trap. Release tension and cap is held firmly in place. Since the trap is halfway set with the Zcap in position, it only takes one hand to finish setting trap.

White only.

Will work on all Dog proof traps.

Z-Trap Dog Proof Caps

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    Z-Trap Dog Proof Caps


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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