Join Kyle Kaatz for two seasons of New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping. This is not your regular instructional DVD! Filmed on a working trapline, under regular conditions. The coyotes will always be better instructors than those who pursue their hides. By riding along for 2 hours, you will see what the coyotes teach, from an observant perspective. See the memorable locations that made these two seasons a success. This is a DVD for those that seek a more in depth knowledge of coyote trapping. Watch as the 'Dingo' learns to track coyotes on the drag. Understand dirt tanks, intersections, cow trails, and what you need to look for in a productive coyote location. Plus many clips from the 2002-2003 season and the 2004-2005 season.

Trapline Anecdotes: New Mexico Sandhills Trapping by Kaatz (DVD)