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Scott Adams will show you how deadly the little 5X5 bodygrip trap is on Raccoons. Scott has a system that will all you to take coons in numbers, even with a smaller conibear. If you thought the 5x5 was to small to take a lot of big norther raccoons in trails, you are in for a nice suprise. It is all in the system!  You will learn how to trail trap, outlaw set and use the 5x5 bodygrip in boxes. The 5x5 is smaller and safer to use the public. For states like OH and MO, using the 5x5 will open a ton of ground to you. Plus you will be able to road trap, once you understand the system, like other states that use larger bodygrip traps. This DVD is a little over a hour long.

Tactical 5x5 Coon Trapping by Scott Adams (DVD)


    Tactical 5x5 Coon Trapping by Scott Adams (DVD)


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