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For use in preventing cut or ground flesh baits from decomposing after reaching desired stage of taint. In addition, it is used for preserving urine, liquid baits, fish oil, solid fish baits, etc. Recommended proportions are seven or eight soupspoonfuls of powder to gallon of liquid, paste or solid materials and mix well.

Directions for meat baits:
Age or taint your meat to the desired level. Then thoroughly mix in the sodium benzoate making sure the sodium benzoate is evenly distributed.
     - 2 Tablespoons of Sodium Benzoate per pint of meat
     - 1 cup of Sodium Benzoate per gallon of meat
The meat will continue to age slightly because it takes 7-10 days for full effect.

Directions for Urines and Oils:
Take a 5-7 ounces of urine or oil out of your bottle and put it into a bowl or container with lid. Add the appropriate amount of sodium and either whisk or shake the sodium into the 5-7 ounces. Try to dissolve this sodium as much as possible. Then you can return the sodium treated urine or oil back to the container and mix well.
     - 2 tablespoons per gallon of urine or oil


Selection in available in: 8 oz container, 16 oz container, 1lb bag, 5lbs come in bags, or 10lbs comes in bags as well.

Sodium Benzoate


    Sodium Benzoate


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