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This is a sale for Predator Control Group Coyote Stop which is available in and 16 oz shaker jar or a 32 oz shaker jar. A totally new concept in coyote, fox, and bobcat trapping. You put in a good set with a good lure, but the coyotes keep blowing by your sets. Very frustrating. Coyote Stop is a fine powder that you sprinkle in front and to the sides of the set in the trail or road. If you apply Coyote Stop 4-6 feet down the travel way of the coyote, you are setting the mood for the coyote to go into hunting mode. A natrual odor that most coyotes will slow down and stop to investigate. Once the coyote is slowed down, he is then in the right mindset to work your set. Nothing will stop every coyote every time, but Coyote Stop will slow down most of them. More importantly, the animal is in search mood and your trap set will be right in front of him. Any questions please ask. Made in USA.

PCG Coyote Stop

    PCG Coyote Stop


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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