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Tired of missing adult coyotes? Yote Dope will help you grab the coyotes attention more often.

Coyote trapping can be frustrating during breeding season, Yote Dope was designed for this challenging time of the year.

Sometimes we all need more than a standard gland lure, Yote Dope ramps up the catching ratio to help you have more coyotes in the back of your truck!


A true wolfer scent that keeps taking and taking coyotes. This is not a true gland lure, but a true coyote serial killer. Works the coyote over on many different levels. It is heavy in fresh clean glands, but has a twang that cuts through the night air. This is like a hyper gland lure that works on coyotes  three different ways. Yote Dope pushes a dominance reaction, full on horny mode and a pure aggravation response due to thinking another coyote wants to take over their territory.  Yote Dope is no joke or a simple gland lure with a musk or oil added to simply sound more complicated to a trapper.


Clint Locklear developed Yote Dope for breeding season when Coyotes can be so aggravating to trap. A regular Gland Lure during this time of the year does perform well, but Clint wanted a bigger punch and the ability to get in the head of the coyote deeper. Over a lot of time, energy and many test on a real coyote line, on real coyotes, Yote Dope was created. More importantly it out performed straight gland lure. You will see the difference in your numbers, just like Clint Did.


Yote Dope is great in dirt hole, urine post style sets and flat sets. A little goes a long way. One thing you will notice once you are rolling with Yote Dope, you will soon start to see how well it works on adult smarter coyotes. Yes it will catch pups, but adult coyotes loose their minds. You can add to 4 oz of quality coyote urine to a bottle to end up with 6 oz of killer gland for the price of 2 oz lure.


What was such a surprise is that even as Yote Dope was designed for breeding season, it takes coyotes early season and even in hot summer. So if your a Predator Control trapper, you need lures to work when most fall flat.  

PCG Yote Dope

    PCG Yote Dope


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