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HE HAMMER is a powerhouse coyote, fox and bobcat lure that is strong and works on the nervous system on two different levels of predators. When I say this lure is different, it is! THE HAMMER is a four part call lure. It speaks to the coyote and other predators on all four senses. It is a liquid lure that has zero urine or other fillers in it, but holds up in the weather very well and very long.

Some times you very get the coyote to be so aggressive that you will need to pull traps back a little bit. They can totally wreck you set with a crazy amount of rage.  The reason again for the rage and almost panic to get to this lure goes back to the way THE HAMMER fires up the nervous system. Let me ask you a question? Do you want to go after a level headed crafty coyote or one that is loopy and a little high. Me too, I want to have everything in my favor when I go to battle with an old coyote war dog.

I learned a valuable lesson when I was in the Airborne Infantry. Never ever fight fair or on a equal battle field. THE HAMMER is not fair, but exciting to use.  

THE HAMMER, well...hammers the old adult coyotes, plus the females and the young.

Use with or without bait in dirt hole sets. Most all coyote sets need bait to be hitting on all eight cylinders. Sometimes it is good to not use bait for a change up.

Great on flat sets and post type sets. Please note that if you miss the coyote, he may run off with your flat set toy or attractant.  It shines with small bone flat set, you push some wool or cotton into a crack or hole in objects, put a little of THE HAMMER on it and hold on!

Great for early trapping season and deep cold winter trapping, plus for you ADC guys, killer in spring control work.

PCG The Hammer


    PCG The Hammer


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