TACTICAL NUKE is a powerful deer calling additive that drives deer crazy. They will come back day and night, once they find it, that will make a habit to keep coming back. Not only is it designed to travel long on the wind to call deer to your feed, the taste will keep them coming back. TACTICAL NUKE is not one of the many cheap low response gamic products that is flooding the deer industry. Try it for yourself in front of your trail cams before season and see why we call it TACTICAL NUKE! You will never see this response from corn or grain with a low tech oil that is based off of hype and tens of thousands of dollars in over the top marketing to keep finding new customers. We want you to test TACTICAL NUKE, we want you to see the deer stack up waiting their turn. You will see the ground beat to death and dug up! Tactical Nuke is made by Clint Locklear from Predator Control Group. We have been making coyote lure that has put 19 coyotes in our truck in one day and bobcat lure that has produced 174 bobcats in 60 days. Now we are taking all that experience with predator lures and using this craftsmanship to attract deer. You will see the difference in our products, because of the quality of ingredients, but more important on our understanding of animals and what turns them on. Don't make the mistake of confusing our deer scents with what has been pushed on the deer hunters over the years, now YOU the deer hunter can see what a real lure maker can do when he targets deer. Tactical Nuke is your unfair advantage this year!

Wild Paw Paw is the sweet calling scent in this TACTICAL NUKE. You may have never heard of a wild Paw Paw. The odor is one of the most powerful and dependable deer caller we have ever tested. Paw Paw is a native sweet perfume smelling fruit when it is ripe. Deer will travel long distances to get to it. Ask some one that grows them like I do. Deer can not help themselves, they will find a way to get a mouth full of it. Why don't other deer scents use wild paw paw in their products? The main reason is that it has to be worked with in a complex manner that takes years to figure out, and can not be bought by a supplier of average oils. It does not matter if you deer have never been around a paw paw fruit, one smell and they know they found the mother load of taste. 

How to use Tactical Nuke. Tactical Nuke comes in 16 oz jars. 4 oz or one-quarter of each jar is all that is needed for a 50 pound bag of whole or cracked corn. You can also use other grains, the same amount of Tactical Nuke is all that is needed. Simply add the Tactical Nuke on top of the corn after you pour out it out in the field or you can add to the bag of corn and shake up. Just between you and me, you can use Tactical Nuke without corn or grain, but the corn or grain will act as a filler to keep them there longer and not eat the Tactical Nuke as fast. Again don't confuse this product with the over blow hype that is on the market where a few oz  of a magic weak powder will coat a few thousand pound of corn and make any difference at at. Let's be realistic about what we are trying to do, and that is train deer. You want enough odor to call deer not market to the cheap side of every hunter that want something for basically nothing. Tactical Nuke is not the cheapest product on the market, but do you want cheap or results!

PCG Tactical Nuke Wild Paw Paw