Deer calling feed enchancement.
Tactical Nuke is a crazy powerful calling feed enhancement product. Will call animals from a long way off to your hunting spots. Tactical Nuke is habit forming for your local target animals. They keep coming back to the Tactical Nuke bait pile. Add 1/4 of jar to bag of 50 lbs of corn, dry pet food, fish pellets or grain. One jar will cover 200 lbs of bait. Don't fall for the hype of other products that give a ridicules powder to bait formula. If you want animals on your bait, Tactical Nuke is an explosion of odor and flavor. We put our energy and experience into our products, not marketing!


A good video for see some information on all the tactical nukes can be seen using this URL all you have to do is copy the URL and put it in your address bar and it will take you to the video.

PCG Tactical Nuke Screaming Apple