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Locklear's Tactical Nuke Bait is an additive to be used for making your own bait by mixing it with corn, dry dog food, fish pellets or a grain of your choice.  It has a powerful calling odor and a great taste for coons.  The flavor is intense and causes a group of raccoons to come back day after day.  It is super for getting raccoons in an area for dog hunting or training.

Add 1/4 of the 16oz jar to 50 lbs. of feed of your choice.  One 16oz jar covers 200 lbs.

Tactical Nuke calls coons from a long way off to your hunting spots.  It is available in two different flavors and can also be used to make your own bait for use with dog proof raccoon traps.  


Available in: 16oz or 1/2 gallon containers

PCG Tactical Nuke Candied Melon

    PCG Tactical Nuke Candied Melon


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