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Don't let the wind kill your hunt. The wind changes and swirls all the time. Be in control of your hunt with Stealth Cover Scent!

Stealth Cover Scent smells good to you and the deer, bear and wild hog. Not a cheap oil that smells like a cheap car air freshener. If you don't like the way the car air freshener smells, what do you think the animals think about it.

Easy to use, spray on, then hunt with confidence.

Overloads the nose and senses of the animal. He may know a human has been there, but does not seem to care, he wants to find the source of the intoxicating odor.

Can be used on boots to leave a trail so the critters can end up in the area you are hunting, once they cross your path.

Lets be clear here, animals separate odors as they enter their nose. So there is no way to totally hide your human scent. Some of you use skunk, the deer, hogs and bear smell you. They think, what a dumb human to get sprayed by a skunk. This is reality, no mater how much advertising is spent to trick you.  This is why cheaply made cover scents at the big stores fall flat in the woods.  Putting a cheap car air freshener scent in a bottle and calling it a deer cover scent is bad joke on thousands of hunters every year. Don't be a sucker anymore.

Stealth Cover Scent is the same quality as our coyote, fox and bobcat scents. It is a complex mixture of several odors, flavorings and oils that drive deer, bear and wild pigs nuts. Another reality check, animals can taste smells. If it smells good, but taste bad, they want no part of it. So not only does the cover scent have to have an odor, it has to taste good to the target animal on the wind. When we say complex, this is why. You can not achieve this with cheap car air freshener junk oils.

You still need to hunt into the wind. Never listen to propaganda that tells you different. This is sloppy hunting. What Stealth Cover Scent does is overloads the nose and mind of the deer, bear and hog when the wind changes and swirls. If the animal comes down wind behind, this gives you a fighting chance to bag your trophy.

This cover scent is not a rank odor that makes people run away from you after the hunt. Don't be that guy! Stealth Cover Scent smells great to people, might even draw in a few girls, just saying.

How to use: Spray on your boots, clothes and hat. You can spray in the air once you are on your stand. If your in a box blind, spray around the shooting window to cover your scent.

Rule the woods with Stealth Cover Scent, order yours today.

comes in 16 oz bottles with spray

PCG Stealth (Cover Scent for Deer, Bears, & Hogs)


    PCG Stealth (Cover Scent for Deer, Bears, & Hogs)


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