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You know the ....king of food.... for deer, bear and hogs, Acorns, ripe acorns. So give them what they love.

Easy to use and so deadly. does not wash out in rain, the ripe acorn smell carries on the wind, plus it taste great!

how to use

1. squirt onto a pile of corn or rice brand and turn it into a pile of mouth watering ripe acorns. Let that sink in for a moment. This is a game changer to deer, bear or hog hunters.

2. Squirt on the bottom of your boots, and leave a lip smacking oil slick trail to your hunting grounds. You want their heads down not looking up for you.

3. Pick your ambush location and squirt some on the ground, trees and bushes. Put the deer where you need them.

 You can find cheap knock offs, but you will get cheap results.

PCG Ripe Acorn Oil

    PCG Ripe Acorn Oil


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