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HOG LONG DISTANCE CALL LURE is a powerful wild hog calling scent that drives pigs crazy. This is not a traditional heavy bait or wood treatment mixture. This lure is build with the same high standards as our coyote and bobcat lures. So this is very different than the normal simple scents in the hunting industry hunters have had to settle for until now. You can smear this lure on a tree, brush, rocks, tanks or any structure in hog country. HOG LONG DISTANCE CALL LURE is strong, sticks on the wind currents, stands up in bad weather, but more importantly it forces hogs into a feeding orgy.  What makes this so powerful is that it is not a bait, they have to keep looking and moving to feel their now screaming bellies. 

Smear on a tree in a area you are going to be hunting, start dreaming of backstraps. If you are trapping, smear it in the cage or pen. It will call out much farther than bait alone. So get the cage trap party started sooner. If your snaring, smear HOG LONG DISTANCE CALL LURE up and down the trails, but make sure you bring the skinning knives the next day. Once a hog fills his snout with HOG LONG DISTANCE CALL LURE, is a missile tracking down the scent and will not stop till he can lick or rub it all off the tree. 

We should call this, THE FREEZER FILLER!, because it is.

Comes in 16 oz jar

PCG Hog Long Distance Call Lure Bait


    PCG Hog Long Distance Call Lure Bait


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