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Are you looking for a change up from normal castor beaver lures?
Flat Tail Call  beaver lure works year round, north and south.
Combination food lure with a slight hint of castor that brings in the castor.

Proof is in the results, Clint Locklear used Flat Tail Call too catch over 400 beaver in one year on a river line. It is a real food/castor lure that drive beaver crazy with curiosity. The castor in this lure is just enough to be a fixative to keep the oils and plant extracts kicking on your beaver line.

This lure has been a favorite of many beaver trappers over 20 years. Middle of the road beaver lures don't stay on the market very long, Flat Tail Call is not one of those milk toast boring beaver lures.

Flat tail call has a unique minty odor that leads the beaver down an exciting path to investigate your beaver sets. It holds up very well in Cold temperatures and down pours of rain.

A favorite of MeatTrapper, you can check out his YouTube channel and see why he depends on this beaver lure.

PCG Flat Tail Call

    PCG Flat Tail Call


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