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Use a bait for coyotes that temps the coyotes into your set, not running by your sets like you are not even there.

FEDERALES is based off of federal research. Some of it is smoked. (not that fake smoke from the grocery store) It also is loaded with original predator calling ingredients and oils that reach out and stops a coyote in his tracks. You will see a ton of digging and milling around your sets. Good stuff! (FEDERALES is Spanish for federal police)

Like most of our lures and baits, FEDERALES does not smell or get the same lackluster reactions as most bobcat based Bill Nelson clone style coyote baits on the market today. This bait is penetrating and fills up the air around a dirt hole set or a sneaky flat set. This bait does not have skunk in it and it does not need skunk in it.

FEDERALES works well in the sleet, snow and freezing cold, but it also calls in coyotes all spring, summer and fall. This bait has turned into one of my go to baits on my predator control jobs. I have never seen anything that will take 9 coyotes off of 1,200 acres in 95 degree temps and them slam coyote in the frigid temperatures.

Big boar raccoons, grey fox, otter and red fox also give FEDERALES a big thumbs up. For massive big bore Raccoons, I will leave the fish and sweet bait at home and grab a few FEDERALES for my raccoon FB1 or FB2 dog proof traps, pocket sets, cages, buckets and dry land dirt holes. Randy Smith has used this on his ice and snow raccoon trap lines in PA. The next time I talked to him he wanted a gallon and five gallon price. Keep in mind Randy takes between 600-1000 raccoons in PA and he does not set a trap till the snow fly's.

Federales is also a proven M-44 lure. Used by government trappers all over America!

16 oz jar

PCG Federales


    PCG Federales


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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