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Don't miss out on this dynamic castor beaver lure, your beaver catch is counting on you to make the best decision.

Not a tradition castor lure response, Enrager has  off the charts results.

Comparing Enrager too most lures is like saying a 22LR bullet has the same power as a 45 ACP round. 


This is a beaver lure that has taken the beaver world by force. The USDA buys it several cases at a time. I will run out unless I bottle 600 oz at a time. The reason is simple, it is a beaver serial killer. Castor by itself is an average beaver lure. Enrager has a very exclusive ingredient not found in other beaver lures. Not just another castor lure, but a castor lure on steroids. You will notice a strange undertone, this chemical is the key to enraging beaver.

PCG Enrager Beaver Lure

    PCG Enrager Beaver Lure


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