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No longer do you have to wonder which predator bait goes with which predator lure. Coyote Claymore 2 is a highly effective bait and lure combination for coyotes, bobcats and fox. Plus big boar raccoon can't leave it alone. Not only is this a great lure and bait combination, we have pre-measured the right lure to bait ratio's for you, so you can get your best results without having to figure it out. Just make your predator sets then a shoot quick shot of Coyote Claymore 2 down your dirt hole or on your flat set. Super simple and easy to use product, it comes with a easy too use flip top bottle. You will love how easy it is to use, but you will be come a raging fan of this combinations with the results you see on your trap line. 

Liquid Mice is a product made from natural mice. Mice are a favorite food of all predators. They are used to eating mice, nothing could be more natural. Liquid mice is the bait portion of this deadly combination.

THE HAMMER is a radical coyote and predator lure that hooks coyotes into working your sets. THE HAMMER reaches in and talks to a coyote, bobcat and fox on many different psychological levels from curiosity, sex drive, hunger and hyper territorial responses.

This combination of bait and lure is a proven mixture than you can count on day after day on your trap line.

If you are looking for a liquid attractant for your Pipe Dream Sets or sets that use pipes to catch coyotes, this product is the one you have been looking for. Trap with confidence

PCG Coyote Claymore 2 (Liquid Mice & Hammer)


    PCG Coyote Claymore 2 (Liquid Mice & Hammer)


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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