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COON CRUSH is a different concept for a raccoon trapping bait. It is made for do proof trap traps, like the Alcatraz or Little Grizz. There is no fish or fruity odors in COON CRUSH, it is a mouth watering mixture of crushed candy, candy bars, cookies and a mixture of coon approved grains. Once a raccoon smells COON CRUSH, he is planning to chowdy down. This bait is complety dry, so it can not freeze. You can pour a little into your dog proof  trap and add some COON CRACK on the lip, and collect your coon in the morning. This bait smells so good you will want to eat some yourself. The blend of candy, candy bars, cookies and grain is a truly killer combination. COON CRUSH is easy to use, not messy. Will also work great with cage traps and can also be used in pocket sets.

If you are around grey or red fox, you will find out in a hurry that the fox can't get enough of COON CRUSH!

If using an Alcatraz, place a little on the gap on the spring, when the trap is set. Then pour some into the trap and then shake the trap to get COON CRUSH off of the pan, but under the pan. You will be in the coon catching business.

PCG Coon Crush Bait


    PCG Coon Crush Bait


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