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Cat Fancy has a real musky odor and this piercing cat lure is a must have on any serious bobcat line. It is thick and loud, plus it has an ingredient that has been proven by Fed research to hold the attention of bobcats more than most ingredients used in popular bobcat lures sold today. You will notice a cat nip smell that cuts the cold, but not too overpowering so as to turn off bobcats. Cat Fancy is great for dirt hole and flat sets. Another way to use Cat Fancy is to apply it to rub sets. Bobcat like it and the results you will see equal far more bobcats hanging in your fur shed at the end of the trapping season. Cat Fancy is also a top notch grey fox lure. If you're trapping in an area that has both bobcats and grey fox, you owe it to yourself to have Cat Fancy at several of your sets.

PCG Cat Fancy Bobcat Lure

    PCG Cat Fancy Bobcat Lure


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