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Our Bobcat Trailing Scent is not a weak fish oil or watered down urine trailing scent product. Bobcat Trailing Scent is a full bodied powerful calling scent that bobcats will follow with their nose to ground and go where you want them to go. I use this on all my cage traps and cubby sets. I use it for a very simple reason, it makes me money, a lot of money, because of the extra bobcats I catch with it.

As you know, I have been moving to more cage traps for my bobcats. I have noticed that some bobcats will stall at the front of the cage. With Bobcat Trailing Scent, the bobcat will have his nose to the ground and follow the trail into the cage trap. Not all bobcats do this, but enough do, that a good trailing scent could mean an extra several hundred to thousands of dollars a year to a hard working bobcat man.

I also use this scent for my cubby sets. What this scent does for me, is that I can control a bobcat more at the set. You want to make the bobcats cross your traps, not investigate from the side or were you do not have your traps.

Our Bobcat Trailing Scent is not cheap to make or to buy. The reality of this can not be overlooked. The quality is high. Bobcats are not cheap when you sell them so please don't make a most often mad mistake by trappers, saving a dollar to loose hundreds of dollars. A Quality trailing scent = a quality fur check.

Please keep in mind that this is not a raccoon trailing scent from a cheap materiel like spiked fish oil. You do NOT need to shoot a heavy line of this scent out from the set. All you need is a drop or two every 6-9 inches out from the trap. The bobcats will have no problem smelling it or following it.

PCG Bobcat Trailing Scent

    PCG Bobcat Trailing Scent


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