Nite Lite® Replacement Batteries

  • Available Batteries:

    Rechargeable Kitten Kooner 4-Volt Battery (NL490)
    Completely spill and leakproof and fits the THE HEAD, RHEOHEAD and 5100 Mine style headlamps

    Rechargeable 6 Volt 4 Amp Battery For Nite Sport (NL640-WP)
    Lightweight and packed with power, this 6-volt 4-amp battery is completely spill and leak proof. Fits Nite Lite's Tracker™ and Nite Sport™ Rechargeable Light Package. Over 5 hours of burn time with each full charge.

    Rechargeable 6-volt 8-amp battery (NL682)
    Gives you up to ten hours of bright hunting light and weighs only three pounds and 14 ounces (over two pounds lighter than other similar lights). Molded belt loops let you use it as "hands free". The new clip on the battery allows you to remove the Nite Lite head from your cap and carry it at your side, giving an adjustable beam walking light. Never add acid or water.


    NL490 - Blue 
    NL682 - Red
    NL640-WP - Black