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This DVD is three hours of real down to earth info for making lure and baits yourself. We have to be honest here, there is no way that a 3 hour video can cover every single aspect of lure and bait making. What we have done on this video is to get into some basic and advanced lure/bait making ideas and procedures. The video cost $45.00, this is a cheap investment for you to not make mistakes and waste a ton of money spending years testing on the topics we cover. We do not spend a single second on trying to make the art of lure making in to the "elite" or "witchcraft" that has been taught over the years. You do need to be creative, pay attention to what the animals teach you with their reactions and be willing to keep learning to become a good lure and bait maker.

Lure & Bait Making by Clint Locklear (DVD)


    Lure & Bait Making by Clint Locklear (DVD)


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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