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100% WATERPROOF PROTECTION. Rubber is naturally waterproof and with our proven formulas, our rubber remains durable and waterproof year after year. Internal calf harness laces and snaps around your leg for an adjustable, secure fit. Unparalleled traction in the thickest of mud and the nastiest of terrain - vulcanized for durability and a unique lug design to shed the mud and muck. There’s no better scent suppressing material than rubber. Our formulas combine absolute comfort with unequaled scent protection.

LaCrosse® Marsh Hip Wader

  • WEIGHT: 7 lbs per pair

    HEIGHT: 32"

    INSULATION: Uninsulated

    TRACTION: Best for All-Terrain, Slip Resistant

    PROTECTION: Plain Toe

    COMFORT ZONE: MILD: -20° to 70° F


    can be gotten in sizes: 6-16

LaCrosse® Marsh Hip Wader


#1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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