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The AeroHead is 100% waterproof. Double stitched seams are bonded and taped on the inside, then coated with an abrasion resistant liquid rubber on the outside for uncompromising waterproof protection and durability. A unique combination of spandex and Lycra is layered over neoprene for extra durability. Quick drying and moisture wicking, our jersey knit liner will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Durable, neoprene gusset accommodates different calf sizes and makes it easy to slide the boot on and off.

LaCrosse® AeroHead 7MM

  • WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs per pair 

    HEIGHT: 18"

    INSULATION: 7mm Neoprene

    CAMO PATTERN: Realtree Xtra

    TRACTION: Best for Mud, Stalking

    COMFORT ZONE : COLD: -70° to 50° F

LaCrosse® AeroHead 7MM


#1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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