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HAGz Tail Hook - Muskrat Skinning Tool

The Hook inserts into the bottom of the tail, holding the Muskrat firmly in place while skinning.

User Friendly Design: The Hang loop was designed with a large loop as well as a 'loop gap' to either fit over the top of common fur shed objects such as a winch hook or by using the gap to slip onto a chain gambrel ring or other form of 'loop'.

*Multiple uses in the fur shed such as using it to hang fur to thaw (stick point in nostril of pelt) or using it to assist in skinning beaver.


  • Hang the HAGz Tail Hook from a secure object.
  • Pierce the point of the hook into the bottom of the Muskrats tail 1"-2" inches from the fur line to where the point touches the tail bone.
  • Skin Muskrat - The point of the hook will bite into the tail bone as downward pressure is applied, holding it in place and keeping it from falling while you skin.
  • When complete, a simple flip of the thumb between the tail and hook will quickly free the Muskrat from the hook. Ready for the next one.

CAUTION: SHARP POINT! Keep out of the reach of children

  • Hand Sharpened
  • Stainless Steel

HAGz Tail Hook


    HAGz Tail Hook


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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