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The first coyote book that caters to eastern and mid-western coyote trapping. Why do eastern trappers learn to trap like western trappers? The eastern coyote man has to learn to trap for the terrain and he climate that he lives in. Long linning works in the west, almost impossible to do in the east. EASTERN WOLFER goes into the world of catching coyotes on their terms, habits and reactions. EASTERN WOLFER teaches you how to make a high per square mile kill. This is vastley different from the "take the cream and run" mentality that has crippled eastern trappers in the past. This is not a standard coyote book by any stretch. It is very detailed for the trapper that wants or needs to become a wolfer in the east, not the west.

Eastern Wolfer by Clint Locklear (Book)


    Eastern Wolfer by Clint Locklear (Book)


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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