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Professional trapping DVD series follow with Predator Control Group as Clint Locklear goes into great detail on Eastern Flat Set methods that out produce the "standard after thought" flat set. This DVD is geared toward the coyote trapper that wants to be above average on his predator line. The flat set is the most underrated coyote killing set in the trappers arsenal. One hour of intensive advanced flat sets and no hole techniques that equal more fur in your fur shed. Make no mistake that flat sets have taken far more coyotes that dirt holes threw out history. The concept of a dirt hole being a coyote set is only about 40 years old. Back in the day, wolfers were taking thousands of coyotes each, with out digging a single hole. If you follow the number men, you will not be lead wrong. One hour long.

Eastern Flat Sets That Produce by Clint Locklear (DVD)


    Eastern Flat Sets That Produce by Clint Locklear (DVD)


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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