Crushing Coon with the Alcatraz is a look into the world of production style Dog-Proff raccoon trapping. Clint will give you all kind of tips on using DP traps to catch more raccoons on your line. You will see and learn how to slam your competition, they will be wondering were the coon went too. You will also see how to hide you DP traps in plan site from competition and the general public. If you understand how, they you can draw coons to your set from 5-100 feet away. Tips, on how to make sure the raccoon will want to "play" and stay at your trap. This video is a little over an hour and slam full of infomation to catch a lot more raccoons than just slaming a trap in the ground and hoping.

Crushing Coon with the Alcatraz by Clint Locklear (DVD)