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Coon Grabbers are designed for use in dog proof coon traps.  They are a combination lure and bait that make your catch rate go way up.  The projections protrude around the trigger giving coons something to feel so they work the trap harder.

Coon Grabbers make the trap go off when the coon tries to pull it from the trap.  They are freeze proof, water proof and have the scent cooked right into them.

The scent from Coon Grabbers pulls coons to your traps.  Then, coons reach into the trap to pull out the Coon Grabber because the scent and feel of it simulates something good to eat.  You can use other baits or lures on top of the Coon Grabbers in your dog proof coon traps, but they work great on their own too with no other added lures or baits.

To use Coon Grabbers you hold the trigger of the trap forward and slide the Grabber behind the trigger on edge.  Then using your finger or a stick turn them flat in the back of the trap.  You can bait your dog proof traps sitting in the house watching TV the night before you set because there is no mess with them.

Coon Grabbers are sold by the dozen pack and are available in 7 different scents.

Coon Grabbers




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