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Serious hunters looking for the edge in attracting bucks before, during and after the rut will appreciate the Code Red™ Buck-N-Does Combo from Code Blue™. Guaranteed pure and fresh, these three scents will help you harvest deer all season long.

For Early-Season Use
Early season offers great opportunities to harvest both does and bucks. Moving stands and scouting are important tactics that help locate and pattern deer movement, but both leave a lot of human scent on the ground. Using Doe Urine as a cover scent provides great protection during those high-temperature days. Use it on scent pads, drags or directly on the soles of your boots when setting up your stands or scouting.

For Mid- And Late-Season Use
Mid season is marked with signs of pre-rut activity as bucks begin to claim their territory with scrapes and rubs. During mid season Buck Urine should be poured in active scrapes to present the challenge of an intruder. Dominant bucks intent on protecting the territory will seek out the new competition.


Code Red™ Buck-N-Does Combo includes:

  • 1 - 2-fl. oz. Doe Estrous
  • 1 - 2-fl. oz. Buck Urine
  • 1 - 2 fl. oz. Doe Urine

Code Red Whitetail Buck N Does 3 Pack Urine

SKU: 707114013260

    Code Red Whitetail Buck N Does 3 Pack Urine


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