Day in, day out, brushpiles are where it's at for slab crappie on most waters. The Bobby Garland Pile Diver Grub is designed to get down into the heart of these hard-to-fish structures, right into the thick stuff where the biggest crappies hang, and make those big old grumps open up and take a bite. The short-ribbed body vibrates on contact with limbs and obstructions, the water-moving knobbed arms constantly quiver and quake, and the large streamer legs produce a motion no crappie can ignore. Whether you jig it, swim it, or let it quietly settle, the Pile Diver Grub will pull those reluctant slabs out of the thick stuff!

  • Designed to take big crappies from the thick stuff
  • Ribbed body vibrates on contact with limbs
  • Knobbed arms for constant quivering action
  • Large streamer legs produce irresistible motion
  • Effective whether moving or at rest

Bobby Garland Crappie Baits Pile Diver Pearl White

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