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For generations, trapping instruction manuals have followed the same general path. The primary focus is placed on the furbearing animals themselves, and subsequent to this, information is dispensed on how to trap them. Trapline 2000 is different. It offers a new approach to trapping instruction.

Trapline 2000 contains the most current information on trapping. But more than this, it concentrates on the skills, theories, and techniques of trapping -- as they pertain to any trapline or any animal. 

Taking a new approach, Trapline 2000 identifies the basic elements of trapping knowledge and arranges them in an orderly and coherent fashion. Each topic is designed to give maximum insight to a particular aspect of trapping and, with certain exceptions, is not bound by any single animal or any single situation. The goal is to provide the trapper with a sound education upon which future traplines can be built.

This makes Trapline 2000 more than a simple traiing manual. It is an educational guide designed to make you a better trapper by giving you a better understanding of the fundamental theories, concepts, and techniques that embrace all forms of trapping.

Trapline 2000 By Hal Sullivan

SKU: HST2000

    Trapline 2000 By Hal Sullivan


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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