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Raccoon Slam Lure-This is a must for any trapper looking to suck those raccoons to there traps. Works early and even late in the season. This deadly raccoon lure is sweet, tangy, and heavy in one of their favorite natural foods. Easy to pour out and stays around the set for more than a week. Don't use Raccoon Slam unless you want to catch raccoons.

Fox Slam Lure-This is a real killer on red fox. This fox lure is easy to use like any trappers needs, but more importantly Red Fox Slam drives foxes insane as they dig and stay at your set as long as possible. A high quality mixture of glands, musks, and oils that hit a red fox right between the eyes. A must have for any serious fox trapper.

Bobcat Slam Lure-It's an easy to use very seductive bobcat lure that grabs male and female bobcats full attention. Proven ingredients plus some less well know ones. It is musky, glandy, and works on the curiosity of bobcats so you can stack up the high dollar bobcats.

Coyote Slam Lure- It's an easy to use powerful coyote scent that gets the coyotes to your set and keeps them dancing as they work your trap set the maximum amount of time. Not only does Coyote Slam peak hunger pains, it fires off there territorial response. It keeps them around a long time as they try and figure out the different musks in this alluring coyote lure.

Timberline Fur Catcher Lure


    Timberline Fur Catcher Lure


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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