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Snaring 2000 focuses on the use and application of the modern steel cable snare. With this snare, you have the option of making nonlethal sets. Snaring 2000 can show you how to use snares effectively to create both lethal and nonlethal sets as different situations present themselves. Snaring 2000 is designed to teach you about all aspects of steel cable snares and their use. You’ll learn how to make snares, how to set snares, how snares work, and many other features of snaring. Snaring 2000 will help you become aware of the options available to you, and help you custom tailor the design of your snaring systems to best suit your needs. 100 Pages 140 Photos & Illustrations

Snaring 2000 By Hal Sullivan (Book)

SKU: HSS2000

    Snaring 2000 By Hal Sullivan (Book)


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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