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***the closer*** Oh, man have trappers sang the praises of this bait. Not only do they talk it up, they keep ordering more! This is a three meat base with the right gator parts added into the bait formula. The oil that is the bait, eats rain for breakfast. If your dirt hole fills up with rain, the oil will still be working on top of the water. It will also coat the side of the hole as the water drops, and you are still catching fur.

One thing about GATOR BAIT is that coyotes can't leave it alone, they will dig, claw and dig to to get to it. When you first smell GATOR BAIT for the first time, you will notice it does not smell like most other predator baits on the market. The gator parts that are in this bait get a digging reaction, but more than that Gator Bait does not smell like every other bait the coyote, bobcat or fox has smelled by your competition. This can make the difference between a so-so coyote and predator catch and a killer coyote catch. 

Don't fall for the hype, bait is king and and the key to catch a lot of coyotes. A good coyote lure will draw them in, but a great coyote bait will keep them working the set and get that paw movement you are looking for.

16oz jar

PCG Gator Bait


    PCG Gator Bait


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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