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***This beaver food lure is made for the beaver, not your nose. Don't expect Damage Complaint beaver food lure to smell like traditional food lures.

***Pulls the hard to catch beaver up on the bank too your traps.


Oh boy, this is a strange smelling food lure that the beaver showed me along the river years ago. OK, they did not show me the lure but a plant they where wearing out night after night.  It was clear that this plant was a favorite of theirs. The beaver would by pass all kind of food plants and tree's to reach this favorite beaver flavor.  The odor in Damage Complaint comes from this plant that the beaver was traveling over 100 yards to eat. Very strong and alluring, but nothing like normal beaver lure smells you are used to. Please keep in mind that Damage Compliant is not made for the trapper, but for the beaver.


I normally use this power house food lure as the trick I keep up my sleeve. Sure you can start off a trapping job with Damage Complaint. I can not imagine not having this lure in my beaver trapping bag on a fur trip, but I would never start a paid beaver job without Damage Complaint.

Damage Complaint is a loud beaver lure that last a long time in rain and water.

PCG Damage Complaint Beaver Lure

    PCG Damage Complaint Beaver Lure


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