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Boss Dog takes the guess work out of you hoping for a dependable and proven coyote taker.

Trappers in know, always have bottles of Boss Dog in their trap bag. Trusted by professional coyote men year after year.

Works year round, keeps coyotes working you sets longer. Boss dog gets a massive reaction day in and day out.

Be the trapper that see's coyotes bouncing in your traps often, when most trappers don't. BOSS DOG is a true killer on adult coyotes due to the musky call ingredients that keep kicking strong and loud regardless of warm or cold temps. It holds and thrives in the rain due to it's base, so you wont have to re-lure every time it rains

. BOSS DOG'S sales keep growing for a very simple reason, it works. It keeps coyotes at your set for the most amount of time.  You can find a ton of coyote lures that will catch pup coyotes, but why limit your coyote catch to the pups only. BOSS DOG was designed for adult coyotes and it gets a strong reaction from both pups and the old smarter coyotes.

I do not market this lure as a call lure, but it is a four part call lure that plays on many different levels of the coyotes brain and biological drives.

If your looking for a high production coyote lure, Me too, I know that I could not perform my predator control contracts as well without BOSS DOG. It gives me an advantage over a lot of different lures I could use.

I based the layout of this lure on some of the factors that Bill Nelson used in his lures and I'm glad I did. I will normally use GATOR BAIT, PRIMAL PASTE BAIT or FEDERALES BAIT with BOSS DOG down a deep dirt hole with a topping of small bird feathers or plucked wool. I will also use BOSS DOG on a lot of my flat sets due to its ability to get a coyote to spend extra time at trap set. 

Also a great red fox lure

PCG Boss Dog

    PCG Boss Dog


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