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Nite Lite® Adjustable Beam Headlamp - RHEOHEAD

  • The RHEOHEAD features a brightness intensity knob that can brighten and dim your bulb to provide more versatility and battery conservation. It is also compatible with the Coon Hunters Favorite II and Kitten Kooner II.
    Features an adjustable beam, blue-white spot, heavier molded cord, rugged ABS housing, spare bulb holder, and metal cap hook. This head is rugged and lightweight. Also has a moisture-proof O-ring seal around the lens, a neoprene seal around the lens as well as a weatherproof switch. A plastic shield covers all working parts of the head and provides a spare bulb holder inside the headpiece. The unusual clip design allows easy attachment to a soft cap, hardhat, battery or a rifle barrel with the new barrel clip. May be used with 4-volt, 6-volt, or 12-volt systems.

Nite Lite® Adjustable Beam Headlamp - RHEOHEAD


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