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The Lindy Tungsten Ice Worm Jig is one of the most reliable baits an ice angler can have. With bright colors, these jigs are sure to attract fish. Lindy's Tungsten Ice Worm sinks faster than normal lead because of its dense tungsten core that will set your hook quicker and be sensitive enough to feel every bite. These jigs feature a unique small body that will drive fish crazy when presented with finesse over heavy cover.


  • Heavier than lead creating greater sensitivity and drop rates
  • Exceptional for precise, horizontal presentations
  • Horizontal posture is easily seen on electronics
  • Perfect for ice fishing or open water fishing
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

Lindy Tungsten Ice Worm Black Chartreuse Green

SKU: 093718896058

    Lindy Tungsten Ice Worm Black Chartreuse Green


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