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The MB 550 is currently one of America’s most popular traps.  The cast iron jaws and Paws-I-Trip pan system make it a very wise choice when trapping anything from coon to coyotes.  Because of the way the pan attaches around the spring keeper pin, the trap would have had to be completely disassembled for the installation of a traditional Expand-A-Pan.  Also, because the 550’s pan system is already smooth from the factory, Expand-A-Pan elected to build a weld-on pan for this trap. The Expand-A-Pan weld-on pan measures 11.331 square inches, a whopping 219% increase from the MB 550’s stock pan, which measures only 5.171 square inches.  Add Expand-A-Pans to your MB 550’s and watch your catch increase.  Expand-A-Pan….Go Big Or Go Home!

Expand-A-Pan MB550 Weld On Pan

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    Expand-A-Pan MB550 Weld On Pan


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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