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Hal Sullivan's "Canines 2000" Book contains the most current information on trapping canines, covering both fox and coyotes. The methods and techniques described here are designed to give you an insight into canine trapping and help you avoid some of the pitfalls encountered in trapping these animals. This information is presented in a straightforward and logical manner, with no myth, magic, or mysticism that is often associated with canine trapping. Canines 2000 will provide you with a studied approach to canine trapping. It is a guide by which you can develop your skills in trapping both fox and coyotes. 112 Pages. 180 Photos & Illustrations. 

Canines 2000 By Hal Sullivan

SKU: HSC2000

    Canines 2000 By Hal Sullivan


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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