Berkley PowerBait Crappie Sparkle Nibbles

To visually attract crappie from a greater distance, use Berkley® PowerBait® Crappie Sparkle Nibbles. These soft pellets weigh next to nothing. Crappie Sparkle Nibbles offer the strength of Power Bait with artificial fish scales for greater visual attraction. The strong, quick-acting scent of Berkley Select Crappie Sparkle Nibbles will increase bites per hour and lead to more fish caught.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong scent and flavors lead to more hold-on time for better hooksets
  • Disperses cloud around a bait
  • Disperses scale-looking sparkles


The variation of colors is the choice between GOLD for Gold Rush, CHARTREUSE for Neon Chartreuse, or RED for Wildfire.

Berkley Sparkle Nibbles Crappie Bait