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Berkley PowerBait Crappie Sparkle Nibbles

To visually attract crappie from a greater distance, use Berkley® PowerBait® Crappie Sparkle Nibbles. These soft pellets weigh next to nothing. Crappie Sparkle Nibbles offer the strength of Power Bait with artificial fish scales for greater visual attraction. The strong, quick-acting scent of Berkley Select Crappie Sparkle Nibbles will increase bites per hour and lead to more fish caught.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong scent and flavors lead to more hold-on time for better hooksets
  • Disperses cloud around a bait
  • Disperses scale-looking sparkles


The variation of colors is the choice between GOLD for Gold Rush, CHARTREUSE for Neon Chartreuse, or RED for Wildfire.

Berkley Sparkle Nibbles Crappie Bait


    Berkley Sparkle Nibbles Crappie Bait


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