Undetected Deer Cover Scent/ Attractant for deer hunting.

What is undetected?

Undetected is a cover scent that not only covers your human scent, but also attracts deer at the same time. We have used undetected in the hills, ridges, and bluffs of East Tennessee, where the wind swirls and seems impossible to play the wind correctly, in the Texas plains, and also in 20+ mph winds in Kansas, and undetected still kept us undetected. The ingredients in Undetected are also very attractive to a whitetail deer, we have had deer come in with their noses up looking for it EVEN downwind from us. We know because this has happened to us. There is a reason why we call this undetected.


Shake well before use

Spray on: hat, boots(top and bottom), and Clothing

16oz Spay bottle for $15.00


Designed and produced by Travis Johnson of Travis Johnson's Wildlife Adventures

Undetected Deer Cover Scent / Attractant


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