has 18 chapters and over 100 photos and illustrations.  This is a book full of good, solid beaver trapping information.  Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, this book will show you every aspect of beaver trapping that you will ever need to know.  With over 30 years of beaver trapping experience in five different states, Carl shows you how to modify footholds and bodygrips for optimum results, the best snares and locks, the proper way to use lure and sight attractors, the use of 4-wheelers, boats and canoes, and getting started on an out-of-state beaver trapline. 

This book also shows how to catch beaver that are trap and lure shy, setting up ADC and nuisance jobs, and proper skinning and stretching techniques.

There are over 12 different types of trap and snare sets shown, some that have never been in print before.

Trapping and Snaring Bobcats Using Supreme Methods By Carl Jones


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