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If you want a simple easy way to catch coyotes, bobcats, beaver, otter, raccoon, fox and muskrats with a single system that is fast and not complicated this concept is for you.

The Portable Pocket is a simple system that allows you to take one single system and catch muskrats and raccoon then move the same system up the bank and trap coyotes, fox and bobcats. The portable pocket is a staking system, lure holder, high eye appeal or zero eye appeal system. You can use the same trap and set-up for bobcats and beaver or coyotes and raccoon. Now how cool is that! For coyote, bobcats and fox trappers, never, never, never have another washed out dirt hole or flat set again! Now you can teach a young trapper to catch coyotes and other animals with confidence without all the techniques needed with normal trapping.

The DVD is two hours long and covers coyote, bobcat, fox, beaver otter, mink and muskrat trapping the easy and productive way.

The Portable Pocket by Clint Locklear (DVD)


    The Portable Pocket by Clint Locklear (DVD)


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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