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The RTS Speed Gambrel is ideal for long nights in the fur shed. RTS SPEED GAMBREL works great on Raccoon, Fox, Beaver, Otter, Bobcats, Mink and Muskrats. Loading the gambrel takes only seconds.
When done skinning, just lift one hind leg out of the gambrel with your right hand, lower the gambrel with your foot switch, lets the other leg fall out of the gambrel. Then give the hide a snap with your left hand all in one motion and tosses the hide on the table on your way to the sled with the carcass.
With traditional gambrels, when the hind tendon would accidentally get cut it would slow everything down. The RTS Speed Gambrel is a great addition to all fur sheds!
The RTS SPEED GAMBREL will definitely speed things up in your fur shop!

RTS Speed Gambrel


    RTS Speed Gambrel


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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