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This is a very different style of beaver lure. It is very different than our Enrager Lure. Our Enrager lure is a paste, the Enrager 2 is a liquid that comes in 8oz flip top bottles. Enrager 2 is a four part call lure for beaver. It has a strong sweet castor base, enraging additive, curosity component and a powerful food lure after-bite. You can use this lure on castor mounds, slides and even reactivate old beaver slides. You only need 4-6 drops per set, and there are a lot of 4-6 drops in 8 oz's of lure. If you looking for speed, Enrager 2 will do that for you. If you are needing to have a different odor on your beaver line, Enrager 2 will call beaver after beaver to your sets. WORKS YEAR AROUND.

PCG Enrager ll

    PCG Enrager ll


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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