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OTTER'LY SIMPLE is a otter trapping video covers all aspects of trapping otter with body grip traps, foot hold traps and snares. You have two trappers to learn from in this video, Clint Locklear and Newt Sterling. We cover a lot of things that most other otter trapping video don't cover. We not only cover trap sets, but the other things that can make or break a otter line. We get into otter habits and set locations in many different areas like mud creek, mountain stream, ponds, rivers and even coastal marshes. We can show these locations because we covered three states making this video, NC,TN and LA.

We also cover all the ends and outs of catching otter in body grip or conibear traps, footholds and even otter snares. This video is not a one trick pony style video, we cover competition, road trapping, boat trapping and trapping out of a canoe. We also go into how Clint uses fence or wire panels to block down creeks. This is a super deadly method, so effective other trappers are using our idea in there videos and even building whole videos around the concept.

We hold nothing back in this video, this is the same methods and locations that allowed Clint to take over a hundred otter in one year and even 51 otter in two week. This video will take a beginner trapper in the right direction, but will also help out the trapper that has been chasing otter for years.

Otter'ly Simple by Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling (DVD)


    Otter'ly Simple by Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling (DVD)


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