The next evolution in lighting has arrived. Its name – The Extreme LED. We took 40 years of experience in the woods and combined it with a year’s worth of research and development using the latest technology to craft this ultimate answer to night hunting pursuits. At the heart of this system is the next-generation Cree LED. This powerful single LED pumps out more than 700 ANSI standard lumens, eclipsing both conventional bulbs and standard LED configurations. Best of all, this powerful light barely sips power, so you can have more than 2 hours of continuous burn on the super bright setting and over 40 hours on the low setting. Around this LED, we engineered a reflector that focuses a super bright beam to penetrate the deepest dark while still offering enough peripheral light to focus on your surroundings. The CNC-machined aluminum housing holds rock steady in any weather condition and features an easy to operate rotary control knob with four brightness settings. The lamp also features a strobe feature that will capture the curiosity of even the wariest coon.To save weight, we’ve also re-engineered the battery pack using an ultra-powerful 7.2V Li-ION power source. The pack boasts a push button battery charge indicator to give you the remaining battery life at any point during your hunt. When the battery begins to reach a critical level, the headlamp will begin to send a periodic strobe signal to let you know instead of just blacking out in the middle of the hunt. We also made sure the light is watertight for those unforeseen downpours and missteps in a creek. The locking disconnect cord uses the same port to attach the headlamp or charge the battery, eliminating any water seepage into an open charging jack. The included long cord lets you clip the battery to your belt or slip it in a pocket instead of wearing the weight on your hat. Includes black bump cap, mounting brackets, and a USB charging cable that can be connected to the included wall plug adapter or the car A/C adapter. 2-year warranty. Total weight: 10.4 oz.

Nite Lite Extreme LED Package