Nite Lite® Coon Hunter's Favorite Light Package

SKU: NL1083
  • Rechargeable 6-volt light package

    This light focuses from a walking light to a brilliant blue-white spot and is made of rugged molded plastic with a heavy-duty cord. The headpiece clips off the soft cap for hand spotting, clips onto your battery for a hands-free walking light, or onto your rifle with the barrel clip for easy night hunting.

    Package also includes the rheostat switch cover, which lets you save bulb life by adjusting your light from a dim eye finding light to a super bright spotlight. Cover has a plug-in jack for recharging that plugs from battery right into the wall outlet.

    The power source is the lightweight Gell-Gell rechargeable NITE LITE battery that has molded belt loops and weighs only 3 pounds, 14 ozs.

    Battery is completely leak-proof and spill-proof. Comes ready to use. Package includes: Light, Battery, Soft Cap, Rheostat Switch cover, and Charger.